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Welcome to Garuda. A centre for e-learning the principles of science. Science as it is an amazing matrix of truth. Human destiny is in solving the puzzles of this matrix at each stage of discovery and invention. Join in the exploring journey through science to understand and experience this unique truth. Pure it is in its form and every attempt made in solving the puzzles of science which opens the doors to new platform in civilization.

The discovery of light, chemical elements, genetic codes, mathematical tools and the medicine are few samples displayed in the windows of the history of science. Generations keep growing intelligent and that is true as per Charles Darwin, join us and lead us to new pages of discovery in the world of scientific opportunities. Garuda attempts to be sincere in providing the facts at its simplest format with well supported diagrams and animations to reach you to the time of awaiting innovations

The field of study in science encompasses both the physical and the living world around us. The living world is much dependent on the physical one. Any dramatic change in the physical world has immediate effect on the lives of the plant and animals. A simple understanding of these subjects is predicted to evolve the quest for more knowledge. For learning the principles of Botany and Chemistry reach us at www.garuda-botany.com and www.garuda-chemistry.com. For learning about the various species reach us at www.garuda-physics.com.

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