Zoology, Zoology

Introduction to Zoology

In the Universe there are innumerable Galaxies.
The Milky Way is our parent Galaxy.
In this galaxy the strangest event has happened.
We are gifted to be a part of this universal evolution.
The Earth…
Earth is unique and significant among all celestial bodies in the Universe.
It is the universal house for the life.
How did all this happen?
Where was the beginning?
The truth is that all information is coded and much in the DNA.
Is the secret of the origin of life on earth coded?
The DNA of both the botanical and zoological creatures should have the data.
The amazing world of plants and trees are presented in www.scitext-botany.com
Here the journey is among the zoological creations.
Finally man has started to classify what he knows.
Here is the beginning of a journey towards the origin of life.

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