Zoology, Zoology

A. Digestive system

There are two organ functions in digestive system
One is the gastro-internal tract
The other is the glandular organs
The digestive system helps in digestion of the food taken in.
The food is taken in complex form.
It contains minerals, salt water and other essential nutrients.
The body cannot just dissolve this complex food taken in instantly.
There is a process of digestion which helps to digest the food.
The complex food is broken into dissolvable molecules.
Then these small molecules are digested in the small intestine.
This breaking and dissolving of complex molecules is done by enzymes.
These enzymes are generated from the digestive glands.

B. Parts in digestive system

C. The mouth and teeth

D. The tounge

E. The Oesophagus

F. The stomach

G. Small intestine

H. Bile juice

I. Pancreatic juice

J. Intestinal juice

K. Assimilation

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