Zoology, Zoology

1. Pisces

Pisces are the first level in the vertebrate organization level
They are primarily aquatic in living.
Their mouth area is the anterior end.
Their tail area is the posterior end.
The body above the imaginary central line along the body of the fish is the dorsal side.
The lower side is the ventral side.
The fins near the anterior side are either spine of ray type.
The spine type is hard and stiff.
The ray type is soft and flexible.
They help is the movement agog with the other fins.
The fin on the dorsal fin is known as the dorsal fins.
There are two or three dorsal fins.
They help in swift and sudden movements.
There are two or more fins in the ventral side.
This includes the paired pelvic fins.
These fins assist in vertical movement.
There is also the anal fin just above the anus.
The tail of the fish is a huge fin called the caudal fin.
The respiration is through the gills.
The endoskeleton system is cartilaginous.
Their entire body is connected by flexible tissues.
The exoskeleton system is made of scales.
The interior part has the alimentary canal leading to digestive system.
They have a two chamber heart in their circulatory system.
There is also the nervous system developed with the help opf nerves.
The eyes and ears are two sense organs.
Of this the ears is inbuilt.
They have a well defined excretory system with a pair of kidney.
There are male and females species in them (Sexual Dimorphism).
Egg fertilization is internal.
There are a range of species in this Pisces family.

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